About us

Wet Cleaning is an environmentally friendly method of cleaning your clothes and other garments.

Canberra Eco-Clean has been operating since February 2001
Operating a wet cleaning plant has many advantages including environmental impacts, results and customer satisfaction, as well as long term viability.

Wet cleaning systems use a special washer and dryer. Simply put, wet cleaning automates the process of hand washing

Special biodegradable cleaning agents designed specifically for wet cleaning and spotting, clean and enhance garments. The detergents are PH neutral, so they can be disposed of through the sewage system.

Wet cleaning produces no hazardous waste and is environmentally friendly

The wet cleaning system uses a sophisticated microprocessor technology to precisely control every phase of the washing and drying process to ensure beautiful wet, cleaning results.
Water temperature and levels, plus agitation are constantly monitored for quality results, the frequency-controlled monitor ensures that acceleration and rotation of the cylinder is as gentle as hand washing
The driers use precise moisture controlled drying, where residual moisture and temperature are automatically monitored.
The garments are then ready for finishing.
Research has confirmed that water by itself does not harm fine textiles; excessive heat, rapid changes in temperatures, excessive mechanical action and over drying do. The wet clean process maintains precise control over all equipment functions.

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